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76ers James Harden

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Here we go again… James Harden has picked up his 38.6 million dollar offer, and is working with the Sixers to trade him to either the Clippers or the Knicks, informing the team he has no intent to play in Philly next season.
Wow… this means he’s now requested a trade for the third time in three seasons, two of which he was leaving a former MVP winner.
Not really surprising, when you consider the fact that Harden, despite some absurd career numbers, has never made an NBA finals, and has always been more focused on himself than winning titles with his team.
As for the reasons why intensely Philly? Well, evidently he hasn’t been pleased with the Sixers handling of his contract situation, pushing him to test the waters of free agency before making an offer. It’s ironic considering he’s the one who's been flirting with signing with the Houston Rockets for the last two months to try to drive up his price.
So now where does Harden, and Philly go from here? A trade to the Clippers would make most sense for Harden, pairing up with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Although, that trip seems like it’s destined for injury problems and load management galore.
For the Sixers, they’re in a tough spot with little leverage, but you could be looking at a Terrance Mann and Norman Powell type of package, which would actually give the roster much more depth and flexibility, and it would make budding star Tyrese Maxey the primary ball handler. If Daryl Morey can pull off a deal like that, the Sixers might actually come out of this clean.
A potential trade with the Knicks could be interesting as well, if the Sixers can bring back RJ Barrett, but that seems like a weird fit for Harden, pairing with the ball-dominant Jalen Brunson in the backcourt.
Either spot Harden lands though, I certainly won’t have any faith that they’ll be a championship level team, given his track record of playoff failures.
We’ll see when the you-know-what all hits the fan later this evening.
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By: Eddie Huband


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