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Senators Jacob Chychrun and Wild GM Bill (the banker) Guerin

Getty Images | Brandon McCauley/Minnesota Wild

With the Trade deadline behind us let’s give out a few awards based on the results.
Best acquisition - Ottawa Senators
  • The Sens didn't go all in with a middling squad, yet they made a really smart move in rewarding their team's recent strong performance by picking up Jacob Chychrun. The Coyotes were thought to be seeking a massive package for Chychurn, but all the Sens surrendered was a 2023 first-rounder and second-round picks in 2024 and 2026. That's a beautiful deal for Ottawa, which desperately needed another top-four defenseman. They got just that in Chychrun, who is a talented two-way defender with two years left on his contract, at a reasonable 4.6 million cap hit. Adding Chychrun to their up-and-coming roster should give their fans and locker room something to be excited about.
  • Runner up - Boston Bruins picking up Orlov and Hathaway,
Biggest overpay - Tampa Bay Lighting
  • I don't like to question the Lightning, especially considering they have gone to three straight cups; winning the first two. When you look at the Tanner Jeannot trade however, it's hard not to think that's a lot to give for a player of his calibre. The Lighting gave up Cal Foote, a first-round pick in 2025, a second-round pick in 2024, as well as third, fourth, and fifth-round picks in 2023. While it's possible Jeannot ends up being a Nick Paul Esq add, it feels much more likely that unless Tampa reaches a fourth straight cup final, this deal will not be looked back upon fondly.
  • Runner-ups - no stiff competition for this award, akin to me racing Usain Bolt
Smartest moves - Minnesota Wild
  • I really like how the Wild played this deadline, they did some tinkering, making moves to address their weak spots such as adding John Klingberg; they also made some moves that felt like they were for future value. My favourite thing they did is they became the NHL's go-to team to help make salaries work, as in two separate deals they retained the salary of players they didn't begin the trade with for mid-range draft picks. It really felt like this team did a good job of helping itself compete this year, but also giving themselves more runway to figure out if the core they have now is good enough to get them all the way; credit to Wild GM Bill (the banker) Guerin
  • Runners up - Carolina Hurricanes
Best salesman - Nashville Predators
  • Early in this trade season, Nashville decided that this year was not going to be theirs, thus they started making moves. They were on the other end of the season's biggest overpay with what they fetched for Tanner Jearnot. They also got quite a haul for defenseman Mattias Ekholm, despite him being 32 and having a few years remaining at a 6.25 million cap hit. Now over the next three drafts, they have five first-round picks, six second-rounders, five thirds and six fourths. The Predators did a good job of setting themselves up for the future, as well as getting as much if not more out of their deals than expected.
  • Runners up - Detroit Red Wings
Most Questionable Asset Management - Vancouver Canucks
  • Perhaps it was simply that they kept getting lowballed and the market wasn't there for some of the players they decided not to move. If that's the case then my apologies, especially considering they did move Bo Horvat early for a solid haul and got a decent return on some smaller deals. Despite that, it feels like they should have done more, as at the end of the day they should be playing for Connor Bedard, not the playoffs. In particular, I will not be surprised to see Brock Boeser leave in the offseason for nothing, despite the fact they likely could have fetched a good return for him at the deadline
  • Runner up - Anaheim Ducks
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