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Jim Harbaugh and Raheem Morris

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New England Patriots - Jerrod Mayo
Will Bill Belichick and the Pats parting ways after (24?) long time Patriot and Belichick Assistant Jerrod Mayo is taking over. Mayo, who has served as a LB coach over the last five seasons was apparently considered Belichick's heir apparent within the organisation. Before joining the Pats coaching staff Mayo played (12?) years for them winning (3?) super bowls and was named all pro (2?) times. The 37-year-old became the first Black head coach in franchise history and is now the youngest HC in the NFL.
Verdict - I like the hiring as it was clearly about culture for them. I do think they need a creative and diligent OC as Mayo and the team the strength is clearly defense
Las Vegas Raiders - Antonio Pierce
Antonio Pierce was officially shed the interim tag signing a (3 year?) deal to become the Raiders head coach. Pierce replaced Josh McDaniels in week (8?) of the regular season going (5-4?) Pierce has come a long way from his time with Plaxico and despite his relative lack of experience, if he can build the right staff he could do very well for himself.
Verdict - I like this one as Pierce proved he had the locker room after McDaniels was fired. Hard not to like a coach who you know the players are going to play hard for. Like Mayo I think a quality OC is important here
Atlanta Falcons - Raheem Morris
Despite a two-interview flirtation with Bill Belichick (who apparently is not in the running for any of the remaining positions) the Falcons are bringing back Raheem Morris who was their interim head coach in 2020 going 4-7. Since then Morris has been the DC for the Los Angeles Rams. Morris was a major part of the LA Rams' Super Bowl triumph in 2021-22. Known for his media prowess and sharp defensive mind, Morris now gets his first shot at a head-coaching job.
Verdict - I'm not sure about this one as I think the jury is out on his ability to be a head coach and what has changed from 2020 when he was the Bucs interim and they courted Bruce Arians the replace him, but I will say he seems like the opposite of Arthur Smith in multiple important ways
Tennessee Titans - Brian Callahan
The Titans are bringing in Brian Callahan to replace Mike Vrabel as head coach. Callahan previously served as the Cincinnati Bengals OC from 2019-2023, this is his first head-coaching gig. It seems Callahan has been hired based on his success with Joe Burrow and the Bengals offence as the Titans have their eggs in the Will Levis basket and the hope is Callahan can get him there. It is interesting that he seems to be the only hire reminiscent of the recent trend of offensive innovators being tabbed to become head coaches, while there have been some home runs here there has been a lot of whiffs which is why the trend seems to be dying out, we will see if this hire can revitalise it.
Verdict - This one is all about how Callahan can show he can develop a team especially his quarterback and implements a successful offensive while managing a locker room.
LA Chargers - Jim Harbaugh
Coming off leading Michigan to a national Championship Jim Harbaugh has set his sights back on the NFL agreeing to a three years deal to become the Chargers new head coach. Harbaugh must feel like he has some unfinished business in the league as he reportedly declined a deal from Michigan to become the highest paid college head coach in history. Harbaugh has previously coached in the NFL, serving as bench boss for the San Francisco 49ers from 2011 to 2014. Harbaugh led the Niners to a Super Bowl appearance, which they lost against the Ravens (coached by his brother John Harbaugh). The 60-year-old will be desperate to take that final step and win the Vince Lombardi Trophy with the Chargers (whom he played for from 1998-2000).
Verdict - Seems like a high ceiling low floor hiring, Harbaugh has a big name but can he deliver? I think after the let's say unpredictability of wildcard coach Brandon Stately to a guy whose philosophy is much more old school; either way he's got to be an improvement on Stately right?
Carolina Panthers - Dave Canales
The Panthers are bringing in Bucs OC Dave Canales to be their new head coach. His work with quarterback Baker Mayfield did not go unnoticed. The Panthers have inked a six-year contract with Canales. I think the six years says a lot here as it's a demonstration of faith as the Panthers know next year may not be all sunshine and rainbows but they think Canales is the guy to right the ship eventually and get the most out of the mismanaged Bryce Young.
Verdict - Similar to Tennessee the development of the team, specifically the QB in this case Bryce Young will determine the success of this hire but I think Canales did excellent work last year and I think there is a good chance he will do so again.
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